Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Future parenting skills (Daddy and Tatum version)

Tatum is being a little turd lately, no joke. The puppy phase is now currently taking place and probably will be forever more.

The little Tater thinks:

1.) He can run away (thankfully it’s just been to the neighbors).
2.) He doesn’t have to call when I say “come”, especially when he is outside in the backyard. When you try to get him, he runs more.
3.) He can chew anything and it'll be okay. This has meant Trav’s shoes, a box of nails (thankfully it was closed), rocks, etc.
4.) That he can wake us up whenever he wants by barking, or jumping on the side of the bed. This usually works, hence, that’s why I got up earlier this morning. But now, he's sleeping and can't be bothered.
5.) He can open doors if they are open just a crack. For example, when at the neighbor’s for Halloween, he opened their front door and ran inside. I could not find him. Finally, I found him in the kitchen eating Bonnie’s (the neighbor’s dog) food.
6.) He can get out of his collar. How this happens, I don’t really know. Maybe it needs to be a little tighter, or it keeps getting loose.

I love our little Tater, and he makes me laugh, but it's like raising a two-year old. Trav thinks it’s soooo funny and loves the fact that he is being a little turd.

Last night, while I was in a guestroom painting, I overheard Trav telling Tatum, “You’re an angel puppy. You do nothing wrong.” I had to laugh because this “manly man” is such a sucker when it comes Tatum.

When Trav gets home from work, he has to make sure that Tatum is doing perfectly fine. Followed by that, Trav will then wrestle with Tatum, give him like fifty (okay, maybe not really that) kisses, and in between Tatum’s licks Trav will spit out, “I missed you so much Bubba. Did you take good care of your momma when I was gone? I love you.”  Then Trav will make his way to come and see me. And lately another question posed is, "Did you get in trouble last night?" It's cute to see how much Trav loves Tatum and to watch Trav's "parenting" skills. One day, Trav will make a great actual dad (you know, to little Trav's or Ashley's).

This brings me to the question: If he loves Tatum this much, how is he going to react when he has kids of his own? I can only imagine.

I declared,”You baby Tatum so much. What are you going to do when you have kids? Are you going to discipline them?” Trav asked surprisingly, “Are you going to be mean to our kids?” Well considering that I feel more stern with Tatum, making sure we follow the things we talked about before getting him, then yes. (Although,  I admit, I secretly love it when Tatum gets on the couch and that he's not supposed to). I realized that I will be a mean mommy by telling our kids “no” while Trav will be the favorite parent and probably give our future kids anything that they want.

I don’t want to be the mean mommy and I want us to be on the same page whenever kids do show up in the picture. Trav affirms, “I just joke with him. I give him shit when he needs it.”

Trav says this, but one day in fifty years (that’s when we’re going to have kids) we’ll see how Trav really is.


  1. HAHA, I loved this post. Ryan is pretty good at not letting Eva get away with things, although more than once I've caught him sharing food with her or giving her like 10 treats a day, lol.

    The other night he carried her to bed from the couch because she "looked so comfortable, I didn't want to make her move!" HAHAHA, so so precious!!

    Isn't it cute how boys become pet daddies?

  2. LOL Ok now this was hilarious to me!! Ash-don't worry about being a "mean mommy." I am! and my girls still love me more than anything in the whole world. I say "mean moms have good kids." I'm sorry but I'm not trying to raise hoodlam kids lmfao. My kids WILL be respectful to everyone and behave (most of the time) lol. But I'm nice when I can be! If they don't behave they don't get the good things. But I also do things they don't know about. Like for Annabelle-I'll record movies on the DVR that she doesn't know about so when she's good, we'll watch movies together! For Peyton, I entered her in the gerber baby contest-(go to and vote for her please! You can vote once a day but you HAVE to verify your email in order for it to count! Her number is 153215. She could win a $25,000 scholarship!) LOL so not that its something fun for her right now, but she's only 2 and she'll thank me later if she wins haha. But I think being a "mean mom" is a good thing none the less!! Love you:-)


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