Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trav's new big-boy toy

Yesterday, we went hiking and took the Tater Tot with us. We want to start hiking once a week, training, because we want to be able to hike the Grand Canyon. :) Soooooo stoked about this, except, I can hardly keep up with Trav and slow him down for most of the hike, so I'm not 100% about the Grand Canyon hiking trip. This was our plans yesterday: 1.) Go on a hike 2.) Go home and paint most of the day 3.) Go to a movie. So the plans went:

Then we got a phone call, from a cars saleswoman. We went to look one time previous, but we turned the offer down. Much to of our surprise, we didn't get any phones (and that was about a month ago). Trav and I have discussed since we both have cars, that we need a SUV/truck. I have had my heart set on getting a SUV and since Trav had most of his car paid off, we decided to wait until I got a job and I could get a SUV. That was, until we went did a detour to the dealership. Nonetheless, this is what we ended dropping off:

And what we ended up bringing home:

Let's just say Trav is one happy man. Trav was able to work the numbers, so he got the truck he fell in love with. :) A perfect day with a happy ending and a little more debt.

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    So freaking exciting! Now we're going to invite ourselves over all the time to take 4wheeling trips ;)


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