Monday, October 25, 2010

My Sweet Boyfriend

Trav has been acting too sweet lately, which is kind of putting me off guard because I totally do not expect it. Especially with some of the things he has been saying this week alone. For example when he wraps his arms around me and says, "I love the hell out of you" and "I cannot live without you." Trav isn't that mushy of a person, and to be honest, I don't hear that stuff a lot, except the every day, "I love you."

Even today he caught me off guard again! While going to work, he calls me to say, "I love you." This is probably something normal that happens between you and your love, but since moving, we see each other every day, so calling me on his way to work to say I love you just doesn't happen anymore. But I guess tonight it did :)

Aww... I couldn't help but blush. He just completely made my day.
I love you too babe. XoXo.

What made you smile today?

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  1. So precious! I feel like calling Ryan now just to say ily :)


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