Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Decorations DIY

Who doesn't love Halloween???! What's my most favorite part about Halloween? The decorations of course. I L.O.V.E. decorations (but only the cute ones, not the scary ones). So this year I decided that I'm going to make some Halloween decorations and give it a try. I didn't realize that making some of your own stuff is kind of expensive, but it's the best when you can say that you, yourself, personally made it. Making things is so much fun. :) That being said, I found my new love: Michael's.

Mummy Greeter 

Cute huh? Learn how to make him here. I used Walmart's Halloween plastic trick-o-treat pumpkins because they were much cheaper. Cheaper is better in most cases.

There's a Party in the Graveyard

Adorable??! Learn how to make here.

More fun Decorations:

Did you make any of your own Halloween decorations?


  1. Oh, Ash, you are WAY too cute. The house looks great and your decorations are adorable!!

  2. Cuteness You just kicked up my spirits!! I decorated the first week of Oct lol Halloween is my FAVORITE but I haven't crafted any decoration... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mummies, my son's birthday is oct 30th and we are having a hunted scooby doo party, the mummies would be perfect and I love that you use pumpkins instead, what did you use to wrap around it and where did you get it from, I looked at the Micheals' site but I have no idea what that stuff is lmao so cute!


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