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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Sweet Boyfriend

Trav has been acting too sweet lately, which is kind of putting me off guard because I totally do not expect it. Especially with some of the things he has been saying this week alone. For example when he wraps his arms around me and says, "I love the hell out of you" and "I cannot live without you." Trav isn't that mushy of a person, and to be honest, I don't hear that stuff a lot, except the every day, "I love you."

Even today he caught me off guard again! While going to work, he calls me to say, "I love you." This is probably something normal that happens between you and your love, but since moving, we see each other every day, so calling me on his way to work to say I love you just doesn't happen anymore. But I guess tonight it did :)

Aww... I couldn't help but blush. He just completely made my day.
I love you too babe. XoXo.

What made you smile today?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Look How They Shine For You

Last night we decided to star gaze, something we always used to do back in Indiana. In Phoenix, it's a little bit more difficult to find any stars because of all the lights. Last night we jumped in the truck, put Tater in the back, and looked for a spot (not knowing where we were going to go). Trav managed to find a hidden, secluded, dirt area. To get up to the place we wanted, he drove the truck up the dirt hill and parked it in the "boondocks" (reminds you of a country song huh?). 

This is where we got the blanket out, laid in the back of the truck, cuddled, and watched the stars. Little Tater was soooo excited, and of course, like always, he had to be right in between us, licking us both like we were a piece of meat. We even took a walk around, hoping we didn't encounter any snakes, but determined that the land was going to be used for a neighborhood that was never built probably because of the economy. 

It was an amazing night, and much to our surprise, we were able to see many stars.We enjoyed every minute of it, until this wretched smell fell everywhere around us.  This is when we decided to leave and go home, but that we would come back another night. :)

We went home and Trav cooked steaks and listened to music outside. We then put a movie from Netflix on and just relaxed the rest of the night. We do not have to go on somewhere big and fancy for date night, we can do something cheap and fun with what we have and love it. 

What do you do for a fun date night?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trav's new big-boy toy

Yesterday, we went hiking and took the Tater Tot with us. We want to start hiking once a week, training, because we want to be able to hike the Grand Canyon. :) Soooooo stoked about this, except, I can hardly keep up with Trav and slow him down for most of the hike, so I'm not 100% about the Grand Canyon hiking trip. This was our plans yesterday: 1.) Go on a hike 2.) Go home and paint most of the day 3.) Go to a movie. So the plans went:

Then we got a phone call, from a cars saleswoman. We went to look one time previous, but we turned the offer down. Much to of our surprise, we didn't get any phones (and that was about a month ago). Trav and I have discussed since we both have cars, that we need a SUV/truck. I have had my heart set on getting a SUV and since Trav had most of his car paid off, we decided to wait until I got a job and I could get a SUV. That was, until we went did a detour to the dealership. Nonetheless, this is what we ended dropping off:

And what we ended up bringing home:

Let's just say Trav is one happy man. Trav was able to work the numbers, so he got the truck he fell in love with. :) A perfect day with a happy ending and a little more debt.

Halloween Decorations DIY

Who doesn't love Halloween???! What's my most favorite part about Halloween? The decorations of course. I L.O.V.E. decorations (but only the cute ones, not the scary ones). So this year I decided that I'm going to make some Halloween decorations and give it a try. I didn't realize that making some of your own stuff is kind of expensive, but it's the best when you can say that you, yourself, personally made it. Making things is so much fun. :) That being said, I found my new love: Michael's.

Mummy Greeter 

Cute huh? Learn how to make him here. I used Walmart's Halloween plastic trick-o-treat pumpkins because they were much cheaper. Cheaper is better in most cases.

There's a Party in the Graveyard

Adorable??! Learn how to make here.

More fun Decorations:

Did you make any of your own Halloween decorations?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Year and A Half

Wow - time flies! I can't believe that Trav and I have been "officially" dating for a year and a half today. :) I actually feel like it's been much longer than that. He is undoubtedly the love of my life. I'm so blessed to have him in my life and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Top 10 Reasons Why I fall in love with this boy more every day (in no particular order):

1.) He has all the qualities in a person that I want to be. He's always happy (except when he has a rough day at work), the most compassionate person, an extremely hard-worker, always wanting to learn, extremely talented and respectable person, responsible to the max, a team player, and very lovable all with having a great sense of humor. He is a great son, brother and boyfriend all wrapped up in one.

2.) He looks in the good of everyone, even if they made a mistake. He has faith in others that they will do the best thing and make the right choice.
3.) He's my rock. Anyone can depend on him no matter what. 
4.) He makes me a better person than I never thought I could be. I find myself more carefree, happier, and enjoying life more all thanks to him.
5.) We pray together. This is very important since we both believe in God, even though we don't go to church on a regular basis. We have faith that God will help us through obstacles and show us to the light.
6.) He's a hero and a true inspiration to all who meet him. He saves lives, and he changes them for the better. Just by just walking in a room, he radiates. 
7.) He's my number one fan and always sees the best in me.
8.) He's a great puppy daddy and one day he'll be an extremely great daddy (Don't worry, this one won't happen for a LLLLOOONNNNGGGG time!)
9.) He's completely honest. Maybe sometimes a little too honest, but it's the truth. Anyone can ask him anything and he won't lie. He's simply not the type of person who lies. Honesty has made our relationship stronger - except that he did tell me that I had a "pouch" before we started P90X.
10.) Because he's him. There is no other person that I would want to grow old with, even if he's obsessed with Ohio State, makes me exercise when I don't want to, and annoys me just to make me smile. I am so proud of him and excited to say that he's all mine and that I love him with every ounce of my being :) 

I love you Romeo. Happy 1 year and a 1/2 anniversary.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Enough With The Dog Pics Already!

Haha, who am I kidding? I'm such a puppy mom! You're probably getting tired of seeing all the pics of Tater, but this one is a must see.

We brought the bear back with us from our Indiana visit. It's Tatum's new fave toy (as you can tell in the new pic). Okay, hopefully I should be done with the puppy pics for a while, but you have to llloooovvvveeee them.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just to make you smile

Picture of the day:

It was love at first sight - okay, maybe not. She was just trying to get away from him, but he followed her everywhere!

Dog Models: Eva (Kara's dog) and Tatum Jack

Have a beautiful weekend!

P.S. It's Saturday, which means Ohio State football (and football all day). Surprisingly,  Trav invited friends over (I know, major shock). Thank goodness he behaved himself and Ohio State won otherwise the outcome wouldn't be so pretty!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from Indiana!


Oh how I have missed you! I haven't been able to write for a whole week because I took a short trip to Indiana! The weather there was cold, but delightful because it was a change from the warm weather in Arizona and the leaves were starting to change color. I always feel sad when I leave Indiana, because it will always be home no matter where I live. It's where I grew up and it's a part of me. 

Anyways, my trip consisted of:

Seeing only the best friends ever

Don't worry, this is how we look normally. :) 

Seeing a lovely couple get married

Weddings - I L.O.V.E them! There is just something about two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. This wedding was definitely the largest wedding I have been to so far. It was one of Trav's friends who got married to his high school sweetheart (who doesn't love happy endings?). Apparently Trav  knew everyone there and although we graduated together, apparently I knew no one (crazy, huh?). 

Plus, weddings give me good ideas for when I get married (take for example the table setting) whenever that will be.

Threw my parents a surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

I amaze myself, because I did it again. I don't know how I am so good at hiding big secrets, but I managed well enough that my mom had tears in her eyes.

My parents made it to 25 years without killing each other! I have been so lucky that I never had to deal with the d-word (divorce). It's something that I think I would not be able to handle. Like everyone knows, it's not easy to keep a marriage together. They are my inspiration of what love is all about (through thick and thin). 

Spent time with the love

Although we live together, we sometimes feel like we don't see each other enough. Do you ever get that feeling? Trav has been a busy man lately because he is taking retaking a class (so he can try to get into CRNA school) while working his regular 12 hour shifts.

We assumed that we'd be spending time apart for the week since we both have families in Indiana (plus I wanted to sleep in my own comfortable bed). Yet, he called me and told me he missed me, so I saw him every day afterwards. Like my mom says, "Love, love, love" (exaggerating). 

*Coming Home*

Our flight got delayed because there was literally golf-sized hail in Phoenix. At least we were only stuck at the airport for an additional hour, but we were anxious to get home. We missed our Tater Tot sooooo incredibly much (like I said people, he's our baby). 

The people who were watching him called to say that he was limping. That night we came home thinking that Tatum would jump all over us, but he did no such thing. Instead, he gave us kisses, but we saw that he was limping. We took him to the vet the next day. The vet thinks that it is just his growth plates and that he'll grow out of it. He gave us medication and sent us on our way. Poor Tater, sometimes I think that he just has some bad luck since he always seems to be taking medication since he was only 3 months. But we did find out that Tater grew like a weed, and weighs a whopping 35 pounds now!  

**Sad note** Trav and I went to visit my grandma, who has been up and down for the last year. She was even told it was cancer by one doctor, while another doctor said it wasn't. My grandma has been acting very oddly. She was diagnosed with dementia the day we came back to Arizona.

P.S. Picture of the Day that makes you say, "Aww" :) 

My parents dog had surgery where he kept licking his stitches. My mom came up with the genius idea of putting underwear on him so he wouldn't be able to lick and pull the stitches out. He looks miserable, but he looks so damn cute!!!

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