Thursday, September 23, 2010

2009 in Review

I cannot believe that 2010 is almost already over!! Seriously, where has the time gone??!! Today, I went window shopping with the neighbor and there was a store we really wanted to go into, but of course it was closed for remodeling until 2011. I was like, "What?! Two years to remodel???!" Then she pointed out that this year was 2010. LOL. Well duh... haha. Anyways, I managed to pull up some stuff from 2009 (the year I met Trav), so you guys can be up to date on what happened from then on.  Looking at these pics makes me fall in love all over again!

At the end of 2010, there will be another review. :)

  2009 memories & adventures <3
2 dorks fell truly, madly, deeply in love with each other in April.

They played on the playground

They went to an Indians game together to watch them lose.

They visited his dad's house while she went on her first motorcycle spin.

They celebrated her 22nd bday.

She watched him give a speech in front of his whole nursing class and then some for the pinning ceremony to introduce his grandma.

He graduated.

They spent a two whole long weeks without each other in different places. He was in WI, while she was in FL.

They went to the Indy Zoo with friends and took pics by the elephants.

They discovered how awesome Cold Play was by going to their concert.

They were adorable together.
He became an RN.
And tried to teach her how to play guitar, but she failed.
They worked together painting a house for Community service. She got paint in his eye (accident), while he sprayed her with the hose (on purpose).

They cheered each other on in the Football Hall of Fame.
They got covered in sand at Cedar Point beach.
20 21
They dressed up as cows to get free Chik-fil-A.

The loves had a great time at Travis (another) and Amber's wedding.
And loved to act like kids.

Celebrated a great 3 months and enjoyed every minute of it!

She threw a surprise going away party and managed to keep it hush-hush.

He moved to Phoenix for his dream job :) but far away from her which made them both sad. :(
29 30 31
But he came back to visit and they went to Laura's wedding where he was a handsome usher.
After the wedding, they made memories but then he had to leave again. :)

He came to visit once more for almost a whole week.

They went back to his dad's house and they celebrated a late Halloween together, opened presents for Christmas from his grandma, then went back to his mom's house to spend time with her family for Thanksgiving. He celebrated 3 holidays in one day - spoiled brat. :)

When she came to visit, he surprised her with a trip to Sedona making her fall in love with Arizona.

  Santa then spoiled them on Christmas day for being soooo good!

They then celebrated his Bday with a yummy DQ cake.

Then they went to the Insight Bowl and for $22 they got seats that were 8 rows up and managed to see his brother's look-a-like there!

They then partied like rock stars on New Years and walked home!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Life is an Adventure


I AM the biggest dork ever

& laugh at all STUPID little things
I love WATCHING the rain
& ALWAYS sing loud in my car
!I ♥ the color pink!
&& ♥ lots of chocolate!
& Jesus too
I AM a daughter, a sister, and a friend
& can be super stubborn, impatient, and jealous
But I AM blessed in life
& COULDN'T ask for more

Girl Meets Boy Love of Her Life

He's a Hero

saves lives for fun, including mine
Loves me for Me
He's super HOT
& crazy obsessed with Ohio State University
can do MJ's "Thriller" in his boxes
& makes me LAUGH constantly
calls me his princess when I'm being a grumpy butt
He's the best kisser and cuddler ever
While being my best friend
&& simply the man of my dreams

Boy Gets Dream Job and Buys a House

Trav has wanted to move for the longest time and get out of the cold and snow of Indiana. Nobody could blame him, so when he got his dream job working in the ICU of a hospital in Arizona, he had to take it. That meant, we had to do the long distance thing for almost a whole year, seeing each other probably only every 2 months. The long distance thing was extremely difficult, and it wasn't the ideal situation, but we did it! :)  

Overall, it made it through while it only made us stronger as a couple. Now we're stuck with each other every day and he wouldn't be able to get rid of me even if he wanted to. :) Througout it all, I did realize that 1.) long distance relationships can work and 2.) I now have a tremendous amount of respect for people who are in the military who have to do the long distance things for months - a year at a time.

Girl moves

Bye Bye Indiana :(
Pouring Rain in Chicago

Destination finally reached at sunset. Arizona here we are!
Girl loved boy so much, she dropped everything she knew just to be with him. That meant moving 3,000 miles away from friends and family. Arizona is def. beautiful with it's sunsets, warm weather, mountains, and palm trees, but I still miss my family and friends (who wouldn't?). Never in a million years did I think I was ever going to leave my small hometown. While adventuring to my new hometown and seeing some friends along the way, my car died on the side of the road (figures, right?! LOL). However, it was just the battery (thank the Lord!) and we can always tell stories about it and joke about it :) 

I know it sounds crazy that I moved for a boy, but I didn't move just for a boy. If I didn't do it, I would always be wondering what if. I would have probably have regretted not taking a perfect opportunity. The perfect opportunity = graduating from college, losing a job due to downsizing, being young and being able to do this now during my life period. Therefore, I had to take the chance &  move out, otherwise I don't think I would ever have the chance to explore new things (including traffic, dry heat, and a new environment). Because sometimes in life you just have to take a chance because you never know how perfect something might turn out to be. That's what I did, and I haven't regretted it.

Thank goodness for Skype though (and whoever invented it MUST have been a genius), so I can still see my friends and family. Yet, while living here, I still need to make some more friends and get a job (help!).

Has anyone else done anything this crazy before?

Adopted a Puppy

Our Little Family
After moving in together, we decided to get a pure breed black lab puppy. However, I was able to talk Trav into going to the animal shelter where we feel completely head-over-heels in love with a white Pointer mix (who we think is part Pitt). We named him Tatum Jack (yes, after Jack Tatum the Ohio State football player who died two weeks after we named him. Although, we realized we might have caused some unhealthy consequences for this football player). Tatum has been the light of our lives. He's way curious and gets into everything, but we wouldn't have it any other way. He is the best puppy without a doubt and everyone loves him. 

Girl Started a Blog

I needed something to share my life. My friend, Kara, suggested I create a blog. And why not? That way I can share my adventures (so I can remember them) and can read others. Hopefully I'll make some friends along the way <3 Life just couldn't get any better!

P.S.I don't claim that the grammer in any of my blogs is correct!

P.S.S. I'm still trying to figure this all out, please be patient. :)
P.S.S.S. I can't wait to meet you!

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