Monday, June 29, 2015

Miss Lisa's Bridal Shower

Lisa is getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we're close to her big day! I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun!

The other day we celebrated her at her shower to go from Miss to Mrs.

She is going to make the most beautiful bride. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We Bought A House!!!

We are so excited to announce...
that we got a house!!!! :) 

Incredibly, we found it on a one day search!
I'm a little terrified because it needs a LOT of work to make it ours,
and it was the most expensive house we have ever bought.
But it's going to be just fine... it just needs a little lot of love :)
We just need to get it done before kids arrive {foster kids or our own}
{That means we have years, lol... kidding!}

Trav's convo with his Dad

Just to take a glance into what our lives will look like for several months:

Our Honey-to-do-List:

Just imagine throughout the house:
-Paint every room
-Remove carpet & replace with wood floors
-New outlets 

-New steel/wood door
-Landscape & trim down tree
-New windows
-Change shutters into pallet shutters

-Screen in porch
-Add brick fireplace & sitting area
-Add fence for the fur-babies :)

Entrance Way:
-New chandelier light
-{Maybe} paint stairway 
-Remove closest & put together mud room

1st Floor Bath:
-Update mirror & lighting

Living Room:
-New lighting

-Get rid of the ugly, uneven tile floor
-{Maybe} Stain cabinets
-Granite countertops
-Fix pantry
-New stainless steel appliances

-New lighting

Family Room:
-New lighting
-Stain beams & fireplace mantel
-Spray paint fireplace
-{Eventually} turn fireplace into a gas fireplace

Master Bedroom:
-Add ceiling fan
-Add crown molding

Master Bath:
-Remove wallpaper
-Replace everything!

Guest Room:
-Add ceiling fan

2nd Floor Bath:
-New tub & sink {they currently are blue}
-{Maybe} remove blue tile
-Update mirror & lighting

-Add ceiling fan

Kids Room:
-Add ceiling fan

-Move things around
-{One day hopefully} add carpet

Holy moly! This doesn't even include the furniture!
This is just insane, but we will be okay.
We just need to do one step at a time...
We are excited because this house we can finally make it a home,
rather than just a temporary house.
Good thing Trav and I will have a month off before we start working.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dave Matthews Band Concert

Trav loves DMB and has always wanted to go to one of their concerts {and how much he talks about DMB, I'm surprised he hasn't gone to one before}. On the day of the concert, we were a little worried that it might get canceled because it was raining, but thankfully it cleared up before the concert began. We had wet grass seats, but, it was fine because at this concert, you're standing the entire time. ;)



Glad to have the rain go away, so we could listen to some favorites and some songs that we haven't heard before.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why I Secretly Enjoy Being Away From the Hubs

Trav and I have done our fair turn of being away from each other. For the first year of our relationship, we lived across the country from one another doing a long-distance relationship. While Trav was in school for the first year, I barley ever saw him. He was always studying and on his day off (if he got one),  I would be working. Finally as school progressed, we were able to see each other more and discovered that we really liked each other and that we were glad to be married. {Haha, okay, we already knew that all along!}

When we are now away from each other (even for a small amount of time), I get spoiled with sweet text messages/phone calls from my incredible hunk of a husband.


...and I adore it! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home Tour

So, how crazy is it that I've never shared pictures of our home? And now we've already moved. So these are a little late, sorry. LOL.

We didn't think we needed to do a lot for this house, but we still ended up doing more than what we wanted. The house sat on the market for a year before we bought it. We did some minor changes (listed at the end of this post) and ended up selling our house in 6 days! We had to scramble to find a place to live until Trav graduated, but we are just happy it sold so fast. :) 

House before: {these pictures are taken from when the previous owners had their stuff in the house because I forgot to take pictures before we moved in}



Fixing up the house:


The End Product {More or Less}:

Living Room:

{You might be able to tell that we painted it slightly a different color. 
The new color is now in the kitchen, hallway and 2nd bathroom as well..
 somehow I can't find the final product pictures}

Kitchen/Dining Area {Before new paint color}:

Yes, we bought their old table

Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:
{After painting and taking down border}
Room #2:

Room #3:

Hallway {Before new paint color}:

Bathroom #2 {Before new paint color}:

Backyard {before painting the fence}:

We have:
*changed the door knobs/handles in the kitchen and all around the house. What a huge difference this made. Gold is just not our style. We did this immediately because Travis wouldn't be able to help once he started school.
*added a fence & painted it. Most of our yard is trees, so we were only able to fence in a little of the yard that was more open.
*did some landscaping in our backyard. It looks SO much better.
*painted all the rooms in the house {including the garage}, except for the guest room. This was not our plan, but the walls needed to be updated. We actually ended up choosing a color that I wouldn't necessarily chose for most of the house, but that is because apparently it is the most popular color of home builders. So we chose it. It's not growing on me, but it isn't horrible.
*removed outdated borders. The borders needed to go: bad. 

Our house was on the market for about a year before we found it. We are hoping that with the improvements we made, it will go much faster because honestly, we don't want to be stuck with this house that long.